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Vascular Duplex Ultrasound

Ultrasound and Doppler Ultrasound of Blood Vessels To prevent strokes

An Ultrasound uses sound waves to view sensitive details of the blood vessels supplying critical blood flow to the brain, the aorta, and the legs. Doppler is used to measure the velocity and direction of blood flow to these vessels. 

The study is identical to the ultrasound technology used to view images of a fetus during a mother’s pregnancy.  There is no radiation exposure, side effects, pain, or any other dangers posed by the examination or as a result of the study.  There are no specific preparations for the test and the entire procedure can be done in as little as 15 minutes.

“Vascular Duplex Can Prevent Serious Strokes”

Common Reasons For The Test

  1. Vision Changes

  2. Speech Disturbance

  3. Weakness

  4. Dizziness

  5. Abnormal Sounds in Your Neck

  6. Suspected Stroke

  7. Abdominal or Leg Pain

Carotid Duplex

The ultrasound machine is used to directly visualize the Carotid Arteries.  These arteries directly supply blood flow to the brain. 

Severe blockages of these vessels can lead to a stroke.  Carotid Duplex examination is a very sensitive test that can visualize any blockage and categorize the degree of blockage  in these vessels.

Early detection of carotid blockages can potentially prevent a stroke.

Abdominal and Vascular Duplex

The ultrasound machine can also be used to detect blockages to the blood vessels that supply blood flow to the legs.  Blockages in these vessels can cause leg pain when walking, ulcers, or limb damage that may cause loss of digits or amputation.

Vascular duplex can also be used to visualize the largest blood vessel in the body called the aorta.  This blood vessel is found in the abdomen.  The aorta can enlarge, cause abdominal pain, or even rupture if not detected early.

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